Handyworks, Inc.’s mission is to empower women in home repair and improvement techniques. To enable them to make basic repairs and improvements themselves. We have been presenting seminars since 1993.

You can also hire us to help you design a project and help YOU get started on the work yourself. This lightens the pressure because you know if you get stuck or run out of time you can call us back to help you or finish the job for you.

We can help you in several ways…

  • We can work with you to design and select the products you want to use.
  • We can help you make a list of tools you will need and show you how to use them.
  • We can get you started on a project by working with you for a few hours and then coming back at some point to help and check your progress.
  • We can help you select contractors and monitor their work, and check their work before you give them payments.


Handyworks has on staff a painting professional with over 25 years experience. We will help you with color and type of paint. Handyworks is very neat and tidy. We cover everything to try our best to protect your possessions.

Or we can do the whole project!

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